Our bubble drinks and pancakes are quite striking, too

Desserts are also sweet and rich

But no matter how full you are, you can always make room for dessert.
For those who find utmost happiness when eating sweet treats.
Enjoy Boku-Fura’s extravagant-looking, exceptionally sweet special treats.
5Free dessert is available for customers with orders of ¥500 or more.

Recommended Desserts

Honey Toast

With lots of honey syrup

A thick slice of toast of about 5 cm, soaked with loads of honey syrup
Very filling, topped with fresh cream and fruit!

Various flavors can be enjoyed

Tapioca royal milk tea

In addition to simple milk tea,
Matcha milk, strawberry milk and mango milk are also available.
we offer Boku-Fura’s special bubble milk tea topped with fresh cream and fruit.
It’s also a very popular item ordered through Uber Eats.


With lots of honey syrup ¥630
With lots of honey syrup(with a drink) ¥840
Yuzu Citrus Parfait ¥495
Ice Cream ¥350
Sesame Balls (filled with red bean paste) ¥185

Served only for dining customers(¥700 or more)

Complimentary Honey Toast ¥150
Cream Cheese Cake ¥480
Milk Crepe ¥480
Complimentary Honey Toast (Chocolate) ¥220
Complimentary Yuzu Citrus Parfait ¥395
Caramel Pudding ¥100
Fruit Mitsumame ¥200
Vanilla Icecream ¥100
Mizu Yokan ¥100