Flavors of Boku-Fura can be enjoyed at home, too!

Frozen packs of curry and hayashi sauce.
You can heat them up to recreate the flavors of Boku-Fura any time when you cannot dine with us or have no time to cook.
They’re also great as gifts for seniors who graduated and moved afar for employment.
They are sure to bring back memories and make them happy.

Full of energy, curry roux (400g)

“Curry sauce made by stir-frying 5 pieces of deep fried chicken, garlic, seasonal vegetables, cabbage and onion.
Minced beef and onions are stir-fried and cooked with fruits such as bananas and apples. It’s a sweet and spicy curry in which sweetness comes first, followed by the spiciness”.

1 set (4 pieces) ¥4,000
1 piece (about 400g) ¥1,000

Orders available from 1 pack!

Curry roux only 3-4 servings
(Concentrated 400g)

The sweetness comes first, followed by the spiciness
Sweet and spicy curry sauce.
With loads of minced meat blended into the sauce, it is delicious as is
Add meat and vegetables to your liking.

1 set (4 pieces) ¥4,000
1 piece (about 400g) ¥1,000

Orders available from 1 pack!

Energetic fried bastard Hayashirou (400g)

1 set (4 pieces) ¥4,800
1 piece ¥1,200

Orders available from 1 pack!

Hayashi Sauce 3-4 servings(Concentrated 400g)

Boku-Fura’s specialty, very sweet hayashi sauce.
Made to be mildly sour and likeable for all.
Simply pour it over rice or pasta, or use it for rice casserole or as demiglace sauce over hamburger steaks.
It goes perfectly with melting cheese.

1 set (4 pieces) ¥4,800
1 piece (about 400g) ¥1,200

Orders available from 1 pack!

hamburger300g(With Hayashi sauce)

1 set (4 pieces) ¥2,800 (¥700 per piece)

Japanese Dressing

1 bottle(350cc) ¥500

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