The menu is so extensive you can never get bored even if you dine here every day

Three types of lunch meal
with your choice for main dish

Select a main dish you like from a number of options
Served with a substantial amount of salad on a big plate to please our customers
Onefree drink will be served for lunch meals priced ¥700 or more
From 11:00 to 15:30.

Special Lunch

¥1,100(tax included)

Main Dish of the Day・Soup・salad・Dessert・1 drink

Boku fura lunch

¥850(tax included)

Main Dish of the Day・Soup・salad・1 drink service

Simple Lunch

¥750(tax included)

Main Dish of the Day・salad or soup

Select a main dish from the list

・Extravagant Hiroshima Sourced Jumbo Size Deep Fried Oysters (5 pieces) +¥200
・Extra Large, Thickly Sliced Pork Cutlet +¥100
・Jumbo Chicken Cutlet +¥100
・Curry and Rice(Rice Omelet Style)
・Hayashi and Rice(Rice Omelet Style)
・Japanese Style Pasta
・Tomato Cream Pasta
・Ginger Pork Stir-Fry (with rice or bread)
・Deep Fried Chicken (with rice or bread)Daikon Radish Sauce or Tomato or Hayashi or Salt
・Oven Grilled Chicken(with rice or bread)Daikon Radish Sauceoror or Tomato or Hayashi or Salt
・Hamburger 250g (with rice or bread) Daikon Radish Sauceor or Tomato or Hayashi


Plenty of Cheese ¥220
Deep fried oysters ¥200
Potato Croquette 1 piece ¥100
Deep Fried Chicken 1 piece ¥100

<Large Serving>

Large Serving of Rice ¥0
Double Serving ¥110
Large Serving of Pasta ¥0
Double Serving ¥110

Recommended main dish

Soft and filling


Soft and juicy hamburger steak is as filling as 250g but is so delicious even small children finish eating it
Select a sauce from 3 kinds: grated daikon radish, tomato, or hayashi
Recommended is hayashi sauce with plenty of melting cheese topping(+¥22

One whole slice of chicken thigh

Oven Grilled Chicken

There is a secret to the seasoning!
Grilled to juicy and tender perfection
Chicken slow-grilled in the oven is crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside
It’s salty, peppery, and savory as is!

Loaded with favorites

Deluxe curry

Topped with 2 pieces of deep fried chicken, a half of boiled egg, croquette of the day or minced meat cutlet!
You can savor our sweet and spicy curry while enjoying the flavors of each topping

Recommended dish


Curry and rice

Deluxe curry ¥700
Curry with Thickly Sliced Chicken Cutlet ¥850
Energizing curry ¥1,100
Chicken Cutlet curry ¥850
Frypan’s curry ¥550
Pork and Kimchi (Korean spicy pickled vegetables) Stir-Fry curry ¥900
Shrimp & Mushroom Curry ¥900
Yakiniku (BBQ) Curry ¥900
Deep Fried Shrimp with Head Curry ¥1,000
Deep Fried Oysters Curry ¥900
Special Curry ¥1,280
Mini Curry ¥350
Offal Curry ¥1,000
Frypan’s Hayashi Curry ¥1,000
Hamburger curry ¥1,100

Hayashi rice

Special omelet rice hayashi rice ¥900
Deluxe hayashi ¥900
Energizing hayashi ¥1,200
Frypan’s hayashi ¥700
Thick sliced ​​hayashi ¥950
Chicken cutlet ¥950
Yakiniku (BBQ) hayashi ¥1,100
Shrimp & Mushroom hayashi ¥1,100
Deep Fried Oysters hayashi ¥1,000
Mini hayashi ¥350
Offal hayashi ¥1,100
Frypan’s Hayashi hayashi ¥1,100
Hamburger hayashi ¥1,260

Sliced Tomatoes

Deluxe tomato ¥800
Yakiniku (BBQ) tomato ¥900
Energizing tomato ¥1,100
Pork and Kimchi (Korean spicy pickled vegetables) Stir-Fry tomato ¥900
Frypan’s Tomato ¥700


Frypan’s Tomato pasta ¥700
Frypan’s Japanese Style pasta ¥750
Frypan’s Salted Cod Roe pasta ¥750
Shrimp & Mushroom, Japanese Style pasta ¥995
Shrimp, Mushroom, and Salted Cod Roe pasta ¥995
Shrimp, Mushroom, and Tomato pasta ¥900
Peperoncino ¥900
Natto (fermented soybeans) & Kimchi (Korean spicy pickled vegetables) pasta ¥900

Series especially for Cheese lover

Plenty of Cheese curry ¥770
Plenty of Cheese hayashi ¥900
Grilled Cheese curry ¥800
Grilled Cheese hayashi ¥900
Grilled Cheese pasta ¥900

Jumbo Size Deep Fried Shrimp with Head

Extra-large shrimps are used
Jumbo Size Deep Fried Shrimp with Head curry(2 pieces) ¥1,000
Jumbo Size Deep Fried Shrimp with Head hayashi(2 pieces) ¥1,000

Highly Recommended

Deluxe dish topped with 2 pieces of deep fried chicken, croquette, and boiled egg Deluxe curry ¥700
Deluxe hayashi ¥800
It used to be the favorite dish of “the king of all beasts (nickname of a famous celebrity)” Fried man curry rice ¥1,100
Energizing Hayashi and Rice with Deep Fried Chicken ¥1,260

Half & Half Meal

・Half & Half Meal
・Rice & Bread
・Curry & Hayashi Plate

Served with salad!!! ¥800
Thickly Sliced Pork Cutlet Half & Half One Plate Meal ¥900
Jumbo Chicken Cutlet Half & Half One Plate Meal ¥900

Set Meal

Curry Meal(curry+Mini pasta) ¥800
Hayashi Meal(hayashi+Mini pasta) ¥995
Pasta Meal(pasta+Mini curry) ¥800
Mini Mini Meal(Mini salad+Mini curry+Mini pasta) ¥700
Mini Mini Hayashi Meal(Mini salad+Mini hayashi+Mini pasta) ¥785
Triple Meal(Mini salad+Mini curry++Mini hayashi+Mini pasta) ¥890
Western Curry Meal(Mini salad+soup+curry) ¥840
Soup Meal ¥420
Kids’ Meal (drink+ice cream+toy)(curry or hayashi or tomato pasta) ¥700



Bottled Beer (Kirin) ¥480
Large Bottled Beer (Kirin) ¥600
Non-Alcoholic Beer ¥400
A Set of Beers ¥980
Wine by the Glass (Red/White) ¥350
Wine by the decanter (Red/White) ¥1,080
Bottled Wine (Red/White) ¥2,160
Highball ¥480
Barley/Sweet Potato Shochu (distilled spirit) (with water or on the rocks) ¥480
Sake ¥480
Plum wine (with water or sodaor or on the rocks) ¥480
Cassis & Orange ¥480
Cassis & Oolong Tea ¥480
Cassis soda ¥480

Soft drink

Orange Juice ¥350
Cola ¥350
Green Tea ¥350
Coffee ¥350
Tea ¥350
Fruit Tea (Peach, Strawberry, Cherry, Mango) ¥350
Royal Milk Tea with Boba (with vanilla ice cream and fresh cream)
(Strawberry & Milk, Mango & Milk, Matcha & Milk)

1Drink service

Hot coffee・Tea

A free drink will be served

to customers with orders of ¥700 or more.
(Student discount available for+¥100 additional drinks+¥50


¥500 will be charged to manga reading customers with orders of less than ¥500